TECHWR-L Messages of General Interest?

Subject: TECHWR-L Messages of General Interest?
From: Robin Soto <Robin_Soto -at- ALPHAMICRO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 1994 17:22:35 -0700

Boy, am I brave, or what? Here is my very first message on the
Internet, and I'm opening myself up to a flamewar. I've been watching
the newsgroup for a week now, keeping my mouth shut because I'm a
"newbie." And I've read some really valuable messages that give just
the kind of information I'd hoped to see: tips and questions about
tech writing, information on good books and software, employment
opportunities, etc.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to converse with, and pick the brains
of, seasoned, experienced, knowledgeable professionals who really care
about our profession. BUT, like many of you I'm working under extreme
deadlines and I have very little spare time. I don't have time to wade

* Vindictive, bad-natured diatribes of a personal nature directed at
specific TECHWRLers. (That's what private EMAIL is for--keep it off
general distribution.)

* Discussions of non-tech writing issues like wire tapping, drug
testing, morality, and civil liberties. If I want to read about that I
can subscribe to other newsgroups.

* LONGWINDED discussions that go on for pages and pages. The electronic
mail package I'm using is primitive and doesn't allow me to filter out
messages, so I'm stuck reading the whole kit and caboodle. Have mercy!

Thanks for letting me have my say. I promise, this is the longest
message I'll ever send!

Robin Soto (robin_soto -at- alphamicro -dot- com)
Manager, Communications Services
Alpha Microsystems, Santa Ana, CA

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