Re: one more reason not to trust software

Subject: Re: one more reason not to trust software
From: Niall Johnson <niallj -at- CI -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 1994 13:19:53 +1000

Matt Hicks wrote of the horrors of automatic hyphenation:

> As if we didn't have enough spellchecker horror stories, I'd like to warn
> anyone who uses MS Word's hyphenation (and probably that of other
> applications) to do so with caution. I was letting Word suggest
> hyphenations for a document I was working on this weekend; in the course
> of a couple of paragraphs, it offered the following two splits:

> in-fras-truc-ture
> or-ga-ni-za-tion

> This experience has called to mind some bad breaks that I have seen in
> magazines and newspapers of late, which I now suspect were artifacts of
> letting software do all the work. Anyway, I don't think many of us are
> foolish enough to not check something we let software alter, but I offer
> this warning to those who might yield to the temptation as a deadline
> approaches.

It is for this very reason that I always turn the hyphenation functions
off whenever I start at a new client's site (amongst other things).
It is also why I carry (always) "The Oxford Minidictionary of Spelling and
Word-division". Very useful.


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