UNIX System Admin interfaces

Subject: UNIX System Admin interfaces
From: Jonathan Leer <jleer -at- MV -dot- MV -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 13:21:45 -0400

I am finishing up documentation on UNIX SYSV4.2 and need a couple of screen
captures. Unfortunately I do not have access to a gui or the sysadm interface.
What I would appreciate from my fellow techwriters would be a screen capture
in PCX, TIF, or GIF format of the following:
* the System Setup window (showing various system utility icons) from the
graphical desktop
* the sysadm menu-driven interface (main menu). This is usually accessible from
either the desktop or by typing /usr/sbin/sysadm from the shell command line.

If you are so kind to capture these, you can send them to me by uuencoding them
and attaching the uuencoded files to an email to my address.
To use uuencode, follow this syntax:

uuencode name1 <inputfile >outputfile

where name1 is the name to be embedded in the encoded file (anything you want),
inputfile is the name of the screen capture file, and outputfile is the
uuencoded file which you will end up sending me.

Your help today is certainly appreciated since my deadline is earlier this week.
(Oh boy!)
Jon Leer

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