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Subject: Re: From Contractor to Employee
From: "Race, Paul" <pdr -at- CCSPO -dot- DAYTONOH -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 1994 13:07:00 EST

--George Hayhoe says -------------

>Any contracting agency worth its salt deals with issues like this
[contractors or >potential contractors being hired by client companies] all
the time. It's good business >for them to deal cooperatively with clients
who'd like to hire contractors as permanent >employees. The client companies
aren't always as experienced or cooperative as the >good contracting
agencies, and some will try to bend--if not break--laws and ethical
>imperatives. Don't let yourself be caught in the middle!

As a representative of a "client company," I've also been caught in the
middle. I attempted to hire a person into one department whom a contracting
company was trying to "pitch" as a contractor into another department at the
same time. Because the contracting company already had a "relationship"
with my company (though another department), and had sent this person's
resumes to that department, they demanded a sizable payoff when I hired the
person into my own department, though I'd interviewed the person as a
prospective employee from the start, and had not gone through the agency to
deal with that person. Eventually, we paid it. (Warning: Don't try this
on AT&T who is more likely to stick to their guns than my previous

So there is good reason to make certain all of the arrangements are
understood from the start among all parties.

Typically, when we do hire contractors as employees, it's at the end of the
contract, and most of our area contracting firms allow that sort of thing in
their contracts, figuring they've got their cut already.

P.S. The contracting firm that "pulled" that trick on me is no longer in
business. Unfortunately, neither is the organization I was working for at
the time.... :-) But the writer in question is still gainfully employed in
another organization.

paul -dot- d -dot- race -at- daytonOH -dot- ncr -dot- com

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