causals, imperatives, and other questions

Subject: causals, imperatives, and other questions
From: LaVonna Funkhouser <lffunkhouser -at- HALNET -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 1994 10:04:30 -0500

~~~~~~~~ I posted this request to copyediting-l also.
~~~~~~~~ Forgive me if you receive it in both lists. LF

Please help me and the editing team with these questions.

1. _Because_ is best at showing a causal relationship, but
is _since_ ever appropriate in technical writing? What
about this sentence, which I think is showing a condition:

Since/Because water is always in the process of dissolving
or depositing solids, potential scale formation must be
continuously addressed.

2. Is _having_ stronger or better in this phrase, and if so, why?

wells with scaling tendencies
wells having scaling tendencies

3. Are hyphens needed in these class names when the noun "scale"
is not present, as in this example:

Scale types can be divided roughly into three classes:
- Water soluble
- Acid soluble
- Acid insoluble

4. Last but not least--Is the comma necessary/unnecessary or
recommended/not recommended when two imperative statements
are joined?

Keep this in mind when recommending Product and make the
operator aware of this characteristic.

Because my problems may bore others, please
reply to me: lffunkhouser -at- halnet -dot- com -dot-

If your red pen itches to make other changes to these sentences,
go ahead, but please reply directly to me.

LaVonna lffunkhouser -at- halnet -dot- com
++When intelligent editors disagree, the one with Internet
access seeks advice!!++

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