Re: Opinions on instruction style

Subject: Re: Opinions on instruction style
From: Kevin Sporleder <kevinsp -at- CRT -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 10:51:11 -0500

My Webster's states that the word desire "stresses the strength of feeling and
often implies strong intention or aim." Therefore, I think "Choose the
appropriate..." is better than "Choose the desired..."

Kevin Sporleder kevinsp -at- crt -dot- com

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> Hello out there,
> Thankyou all for being there, whether you have an opinion on this or
> not.
> I'm running into a bit of a conflict here and I want some outside
> opinions. The interface for the product I'm working on involves a lot
> of selecting items from lists. Every time they instruct a user to
> select an item from a list, the other writers use the phrase "Choose
> the desired..." fill in the blank item. This drives me bananas but if
> enough of you tell me I'm a fool and I should just settle down then,
> I'll drink less coffee, more juice, and I'll practice breathing
> exercises.
> I don't DESIRE any of the options I select during a session with a
> software product. I don't DESIRE a particular font, or size, or data
> source. I use them to produce a desired result, if you want to include,
> if you NEED to include, desire in the whole process.
> I had been writing "Choose the appropriate..." or "Choose a..." but in
> reviewing some text recently I saw that all my phrases had been changed
> to read "Choose the desired..."
> Please help. Tell me to settle down, or tell me a better way, but tell
> me....
> again, thanks (I don't dare say tanks after the recent discussion
> amongst the Americans online)
> ... waja ...
> opinions?! opinions?! we don't need no stinking opinions!
> don't sit under the Bodhi tree with anyone else but me... anyone else
> but me...

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