Demo Authoring Help -- Quick!

Subject: Demo Authoring Help -- Quick!
From: "Bonni J. Graham" <bgraham -at- ELECTRICITI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 1994 14:19:39 PST

Fellow Techwhirlers,

A client of min and I are in somewhat of a quandary. We are trying to
develop two products (a demo and a -- hopefully -- interactive tutorial).
For various reasons, we need a Mac and a Windows version. We'd like to
single-source, because the program being demoed runs in Foxpro, and so is
virtually identical across platforms.

The Problem:

We've examined Authorware, and decided that we'd be paying too much for
bells and whistles we don't need. This isn't a true multi-media effort,
just a simply screen-based demo and tutorial. We've looked at Macromedia's
alternative, Director, but I'd rather not learn a scripting language if I
can help it (at least not one who's best available training is an expensive
calss through Macromedia -- can you tell we're on a budget?). Ditto for
Icon Author by Aim Tech.

My current favorite is DEMOquick, based on recommendations I've seen here
and on the product demo I've seen. BUT it doesn't run on the MAC at all,
ever, period.

So my questions to you are:

1) Does anyone know of a good, relatively inexpensive (i.e., not over
$3000) demo and tutorial authoring tool that runs on both MAC and Windows,
with an unlimited run-time generator (we can't pay for run-time readers,
either)? I'd also like to develop on the PC -- and world peace would be
nice, while I'm asking...


2) Should we even be single sourcing it? My gut feeling on this one is to
go with DEMOquick and try to find a MAC companion -- I think, given the
ramp-up time for the scripting language programs, that it will be quicker
in the long run to just write the things twice. Any opinions?

Oh, yeah, and I need as much information as I can by 9/29 -- we need to
make a decision before the end of the quarter.


Bonni Graham
Manual Labour
Director, Region 8 Conference
bgraham -at- electriciti -dot- com

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