Re: double-clicking / was Windows '95 -Reply

Subject: Re: double-clicking / was Windows '95 -Reply
From: "David L. Bergart" <bodafu -at- CCVAX -dot- SINICA -dot- EDU -dot- TW>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 1994 12:04:23 +0008

I've read many attempts to define 'intuitive' here, but I think many people
confuse 'intuitive' with 'instinctive'. NOBODY is born knowing to double
click here, single click there, and stand on your head and sing the Bolivian
national anthem somewhere else. Everybody must learn to do these things. I
think it is the CONSISTANT APPLICATION of control functions that makes them
what we are calling 'intuitive'---that is, once I've LEARNED how to do A, I
can do B without learning NEW ways to do those parts of B which are common to
A and B or are derivatives of A.


bodafu -at- ccvax -dot- sinica -dot- edu -dot- tw

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