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Subject: Re: Interview Suits
From: "Rollings, Gill" <WGILLR -at- WOK-MSMAIL-GW -dot- ISL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 1994 10:56:00 PDT

Further to the comments on what one should wear to interviews, I'm going to
add my two-penn'orth. These remarks are not in order of importance - that's
for you to determine for yourself. This message has got quite long, so
apologies for the rambling.

* Dress in clothing that you feel comfortable in. That includes colour,
style, fabric, etc. I have worn jeans to an interview on more than one
occasion. I have also worn a dress with a smart jacket. Pay special
attention to shoes - new ones can give you blisters and you don't want to be
limping around the office when you're trying to give a good impression!

* Dress to match the company you're applying to. If in doubt, go for smart
- better to stand out for being too smart than for being scruffy. If you
can't bring yourself to meet their expectations, ask yourself if you really
want to work there. If it's a struggle for the interview, it may be a
struggle if you have to "dress up" five days a week.

* Make allowances for the weather and the fact that you may well be going
into an air-conditioned building. Probably better to wear (or carry) an
overcoat or jacket that you can take off (or put on) than dress for the
"outside" weather and either swelter or shiver during your interview.

* If you have put on or lost weight, try the proposed interview clothes on a
few days beforehand in order to check that they don't make you look a
fright. Actually, it's probably a good idea to try the things on in advance
to look for missing buttons, tears, etc. If you have a partner who can
check your back and pin hems, so much the better.

* If you have to go to an interview during an extended lunchbreak or after
work and usually dress casually in your present post, explain that you will
be coming from work and don't want to draw attention to what you're doing.
I've done that before now and it's usually fine as long as you explain. It
is possible to smarten up enough after you've left the office to give the
interviewer the impression that you're not a complete slob. As has already
been suggested, keep a jacket and tie, or a pretty cardigan or something, in
your car or your bag.

* Don't try out a new hairstyle the day before an interview. If it goes
horribly wrong, you have no time to correct it.

* As for colour (which is where we came in), some colours suit just about
everyone, which is why so many schools use navy or grey for their uniform.
However, if a certain colour makes you look like you have jaundice, avoid
it. If that means wearing something a little unusual, why not? The
newspaper fashion gurus always tell us that we feel good if we look good.
You need every confidence booster going when you attend an interview, so
use whatever you have in your armoury.

To all tech. writers planning to switch jobs in the near future, good luck!
If this message brings any useful ideas your way, you're very welcome to

Gill Rollings, Technical Writer, Internet Systems Ltd
gill -dot- rollings -at- isl -dot- com

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