Re: Word Perfect 6.0A vs Word for Windows

Subject: Re: Word Perfect 6.0A vs Word for Windows
From: Romay Jean Sitze <rositze -at- NMSU -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 1994 21:29:45 -0600

I've been using WP 6.0A since early last summer at work. We initially
worked with 6.0, but had problems just like everyone else seems to have
had. It was constantly doing strange things to fonts, fouling up our
printer, crashing constantly, and so on. 6.0A seems to have solved the
problem for us. I still have an occasional crash--primarily because my
system is a bit short on RAM.

I have both WP 6.0A and Word 6 on my system at home and have had no
problems with either, so far. I initially installed WP on my system
because I sometimes have to bring work home with me. Because I am "Chief
Forms Designer" for my company, I work extensively with tables. On this
score, WP is head and shoulders above Word 6. However, I prefer Word for
almost everything else I do. Now, if I could only find a single piece of
software which combined the best of both...

On Fri, 30 Sep 1994, Tate-Stratton,
Nikki A wrote:

> WP 6.0 was so full of bugs our systems support staff refused to touch
> it after a brief and disastrous effort at implementation.

> The latest version (6.0A)is much improved but staff on our LAN (about
> 200 users) have been warned not to use it until thorough testing has
> been completed.

> I like to live dangerously and am using 6.0 to create an on-line
> manual for financial analysts. The hypertext feature allows me to set
> up a complex web of related documents easily and quickly.

> Generally, I have found the revised edition of 6.0 relatively reliable
> and pleasant to use. I understand release of various versions doesn't
> always happen simultaneously in the US and Canada. I'd be interested
> to know if others are using a different version and have experienced
> difficulties...

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