Re: Frame Conditional Text

Subject: Re: Frame Conditional Text
From: Sally Marquigny <SALLYM -at- MSMAILHQ -dot- NETIMAGE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 1994 14:30:00 PDT

We're also doing this, and it works wonderfully. But 2 points:

--I believe that not *all* items can be "conditionalized"--it might have
been part of the text in a table cell that I recently tried to tag & got an
error message that it was impossible.

--When you edit, be SURE that you make all conditional tags visible so you
don't mess anything up. ESPECIALLY (can you tell I've been burned by this
one recently? ;) when cutting/copying and pasting from separate documents
since they might not have the same tags set up or visible!

Sally Marquigny Network Imaging Systems
sallym -at- msmailhq -dot- netimage -dot- com Herndon, VA
The benefit of this is that you only need one file for two different
documents, and all of the unconditional text does not need to be
retyped, so changes to it affect both documents simultaneously.
All aspects of a text flow can be conditionalized, including index
entries, anchored frames, tables, rows and columns in tables, etc.
If you already have two files, FM's "merge" feature can be used to
make a conditionalized single document.

Here at Ansoft, we conditionalize chapters so that they can be used
in manuals for several pieces of software. Features only available in
certain pieces of software can be conditionalized to only appear in
the manuals for that software. This seems to work well for chapters
that appear in two or three manuals, but when a chapter has five or
six variously overlapping conditionals, it gets a little confusing.

| Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans |
| Technical Writer, Ansoft Corporation | Do you believe in fate?
| evans -at- ansoft -dot- com Pittsburgh, PA |

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