Dead magazines

Subject: Dead magazines
From: Aahz <aahz -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 1994 00:15:02 GMT

In article <199410071539 -dot- AA03581 -at- interlock -dot- jci -dot- com>,
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> [ . . . ] the old Computer Language magazine (moment of
>silence observed with hand over heart for the passing of the best computer mag
>in the business) [ . . . ]


(What really croggles me are the people who think that Dr. Frob's makes
an acceptable substitute.)

Context for those who care:
Computer Language made a business of covering the programming
*profession*; despite the name, CL had more generic information than
any other computer magazine I've ever seen.

ObTechWriting: Damn, I miss professional programmers who write as well
as P.J. Plauger.
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