Re: Request for Information on Productivity

Subject: Re: Request for Information on Productivity
From: Richard Frampton <FRAMPTONR%RIVER -dot- decnet -at- CANADA -dot- CA -dot- CCH -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 1994 17:56:00 EST

What is productivity?

Sounds like you are tied into some MBA game of justifying what you do on some
more or less arbitrary ground. Productivity is not based on the number of pages
you produce (you know that). It is not really based on whether you can get more
people in a phone booth or data on a page either. It is not how much you do or
how much you don't do. It is how well the process runs and what you can do to
enhance that process. More is not necessarily better. Nor is less. How can the
process be made clearer? run more smoothly? and so on . . .

I suppose my point is (if there is one) to find some criteria that you are
comfortable with that really are indicators of what you consider productivity
tobe and use these to show how you can make a process more productive.
you're just in MBA-land and you have to do it their way and on their terms.

--Richard Frampton
San Rafael, California
(framptonr%river -dot- decnet -at- canada -dot- ca -dot- cch -dot- com)

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