Subject: Multi-Audience
From: "J.D.Benson" <jon -at- WHAMSERVER -dot- SURG -dot- UMN -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 12:41:04 -0500

List Members:

I want to thank all of you who contribued to my question regarding problems
writing for multi-audiences. My workshop Monday was a success. Being a
scientist, I choose an example from our laboratory. Briefly, an engineering
grad-student recently gave a talk to our group outlining his current research.
Our group is composed of biologists (see my sig), and I was curious about the
stratagies he use to address the concerns we, the biologists, had, while
simumtanously maintaning the interest of the engineers who were present in the
audience. My specific goal, taking the broadest posible interpretation from the
Hollan, et al. piece, was to show through example that the stratagies envoked
for an audience consisiting of several groups are eqully applicable for a more
or less homogenious group or even the individual. My intructor's comments

>Thank you for your excellent workshop today. I especially appreciated the way
>that you
>--involved us in a difficult task,
>--synthesized the information from all participants,
>--showcased how a biologist and an engineer completed the same task (also an
>excellent way to highlight the differences in prior knowledge), and
>--illustrated how your use of the listserv had helped you develop the workshop.

>Two things:
>You might have returned to your question (Given the manner with which...) more
>closely at the end. Are all documents (even those private documents) really

>You might have highlighted in the example documents at the end -- the
>differences for the two sets of audiences.
>-Ann Hill Duin
>Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
>Rhetoric Dept., Scientific and Technical Communication Programs (B.S., M.S.,
>M.A., and Ph.D), University of Minnesota

thank you again for your help.


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