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BTW, I ought to point out to all who are arguing about whether their resume
should be 1, 2, 3, or 4 pages, that what you really need are multiple

One person with loads of computer experience claimed he only needed one
page. Unfortunately for those of us with liberal arts background (more
diverse experience and considerabley less demand in the job market), we
can't just throw a bunch of buzzwords and technologies into a bulleted list
and expect to get called in for an interview.

But what we do present has to be tailored to the job we're applying for. I
have computer experience, ministry experience, writing experience, marketing
experience, music experience, and teaching experience, as well as training
in all those fields. (In the past 20 years, I have earned three college
degrees, and am working on a fourth, and have held eleven different
positions with four different employers - some of them simultaneously.) Now
how am I supposed to fit that all onto one resume and hope to make any sense
of it? Anybody who suggests that all my experience and training that could
possibly relate to any job I might possibly apply for should all fit on a
page or two doesn't know me very well, and many of my fellow liberal arts
types are in the same boat.

The obvious solution is to have a marketing resume, a writing resume, a
"generic" business resume, a teaching resume, etc.

So when a position I would like to look into comes up, I dust off the resume
that most closely resembles the position I'm applying for and tweak if for
that job. I can almost always get it down to a nice, crisp page and a half,
including experience, training, and related skills.

Of course, what I leave off may be as important as what I put on. I don't
bother to put my seminary degree on my writing resume, unless I'm applying
for a job with Christianity Today. Most potential employers would be
spooked by such an inclusion. Of course, if I am hired, I put it into my
file, but by then they're stuck with me.....

Just my .05 (accounting for inflation). - paul -dot- d -dot- race -at- daytonoh -dot- ncr -dot- com

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