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Subject: Re: Creativity
From: "Doug, Data Librarian at Ext 4225" <engstromdd -at- PHIBRED -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 1994 09:42:27 -0600

Mike Keene wrote:

I also agree with the person who said we've learned how to learn. It's
interesting that no less than Peter Drucker thinks those with that gift
will be economic gods in the next century--"The Knowledge Society"--any
takers on that bet?

I assume you're referring to Drucker's cover story in this month's "The
Atalantic." For a negative view of the same idea, check out "Revolt of
the Elites" in this month's "Harper's." The author suggests that the
"knowledge elite" will posess most of the flaws of the old aristocracy
(arrogance, exaggerated sense of entitlement, etc.) without its mediating
concepts of noblesse oblige and the obligation to rule well.

The article suggests that the knowlege elite, feeling that they have
succeeded by virtue of "merit," believe they don't owe anything to anybody
except themselves, and will therefore be a social disaster. Any suggestions
on how tech writers can mediate *that*?

Doug "Women are designed for long,
ENGSTROMDD -at- phibred -dot- com miserable lives, whereas men are
designed for short, violent ones."
- Estelle Ramey

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