Re: Measuring Productivity

Subject: Re: Measuring Productivity
From: Ray Bruman <rbruman -at- RND -dot- RAYNET -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 1994 10:51:03 PST

"Brian F. Gregg, N04-3A, ext. 2724" <bgregg -at- FOXBORO -dot- COM> writes:
> Ray Bruman writes:

> >Seriously, most companies that have won the Baldrige quality awards have
> >abandoned their programs.

> Ray, can you back this up with some data? I know of a couple of Baldrige
> winners that have had some financial problems for reasons other than their
> programs, but I believe companies like Federal Express, AT&T, and Cadillac
> are still doing well. If you could supply me with objective data, it may
> change my mind about the merit of the Baldrige award.

I looked for my "Quality" binder in my office but I must have
left it at home. There was a whole issue of Forbes (or was it
Fortune?) devoted to the "Quality" movement in late 1992, perhaps
September? As you'd expect, there are a lot of expensive seminars
and course-leaders making tons of money off preaching. The real
surprise was that some (I may have exaggerated with "most")
Baldrige winners have completely abandoned the effort that won the prize.
One was an electric utility in Florida, Florida Power and Light, I
think it's called. Other case studies were fascinating, too.

Bottom line; good organizations and good employees don't need to
be "trained" and bad ones can't be taught. Deming himself refused
to deal with any organization whose CEO wouldn't attend, which
eliminated many hopeless companies.

<stepping off soapbox> I have numerous buttons which generate rants
when pushed. This has been another in the series.

Ray Bruman In this establishment,
Raynet Corp. we DO NOT DISCUSS
rbruman -at- raynet -dot- com race, religion, politics, inter-sentence spacing,
415-688-2325 or nutrition.

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