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Subject: Re: FW: Creativity
From: John Lee Bumgarner <jbumgarner -at- VNET -dot- IBM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 08:30:37 EST

In re Romay Jean Sitze's ethical question and solutions to ideas from being

I keep (hard or disk) copies of work, memos, notes, etc., and I also keep
detailed time logs. Neither solution comes out of paranoia or fear
of things happening but because I found that
keeping files aids me in my work: I never can remember how I did something;
I often need templates, examples, budget figures, etc.; I need to plan for
the next year; someone has a question about a project, etc. Keeping detailed
time logs also helps me figure length of time on projects. Incidentally,
my time logs are kept in my calendar, in which I also record conversations;
that way I can remember who said what and when. Since I have a bad memory,
this notetaking keeps me honest and reminds me of decisions made and,
sometimes, how they were reached.

Keeping these records and time logs has kept me out of trouble when
challenged by the bureacracy or by someone who is abusing power, or stealing
ideas, etc. Having a hard copy or something on disk keeps people honest when
you have a "private" heated conversation or one that is public and you are
being placed against the wall by power or gossip mongers. When confronted with
information, they often back down and are more careful/respectful.
These techniques may be a sign of paranoia,
but I have survived some bad people and bad situations by keeping copies.

BTW (CYA), the above cautionary techniques (in first para.) work in any work
situation and organization. Those in the second para. apply to places where
there is a great deal of conflict, strife, and general mayhem. When I am in
in a good work environment, there is rarely a need to back someone off with
hard copies since conflict is often resolved amicably and orally. :-|

Remember: CYA!

Lee B.

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