Re: Online Help Help

Subject: Re: Online Help Help
From: cathy pacza <cathyp -at- SYBASE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 00:19:40 GMT

Lara Butterworth wrote:
>>I've just been told that I need to put together on-line help for our next
>>release of our software, UWI Masque, version 1.1, expected January 15.
>>The software is on MS-Windows, Macintosh, X Window, and VM platforms. Does
>>anyone know the 'best' (read: fast and easy) way to do on-line help for
>>any/all of these environments?

Other tools you should consider include:

HyperHelp - converts RTF files to Motif help files
- Bristol Technologies
(203) 438-6969
Internet: info -at- bristol -dot- com
ForeHelp - has just announced that it will be supporting both
Windows and Unix help.
- ForeFront Inc.
Phone (800) 357-8507
Fax (303) 494-5446

To date, there is no quick way to release on a Mac using existing RTF files (
at least not that I know of).

I would suggest that your management is being extremely unrealistic in
a) a working help file by January 15
b) a help file that can be ported across platforms by Jan 15.

I am working on a project that will not go into beta release until September
of next year, and I ONLY have to release on one platform for the first
release. I can't imagine having any less lead time than this.

BTW, I hope they aren't expecting context-sensitive help by Jan. 15. If
they are, have they informed the developers of this requirement?

Sympathetically yours,
Cathy Pacza

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