Re: Script to Wordperfect conv.

Subject: Re: Script to Wordperfect conv.
From: "William J. Hartzer" <William -dot- Hartzer -at- EMC2-TAO -dot- FISC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 11:16:00 EST

Hi again,

I originally asked the question about converting Script documents to
Wordperfect, and mostly got answers that I couldn't use. For the most part, I
didn't get replies as to what I should do about converting the script files to

Most people questioned WHY I am doing this, and one person actually had the
guts to tell me that I am "going backwards!" I simply asked what I can do; I
didn't ask for childish answers questioning my intelligence.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I may go further to explain myself, we have many
documents that are currently in Script format. It may or may not be our
intention to keep them there or not. However, we are in the process of
converting all of our documents to Wordperfect because we are currently in the
process of making our documents available on CD-ROM, using IBM's BookManager
program. In fact, these documents need to be in Wordperfect, ASCII text, or MS
Word. (If you are not familiar with BookManager, one uses the IBM BUILD/2
program to convert Wordperfect or ASCII text or MS Word docs so they can be
read by BookManager.) It is our intention to provide all of our documents on
CD-ROM in BookManager format so they can be read on many environments on-line.
One document can then be read by end users whether they are using OS/2, DOS,
Windows, VM, VSE, AS/400, MVS, etc. etc.. Unfortunately, we need to do this
conversion in order to be "better connected," allowing for more users to use
our documentation in more environments, on-line.

So, I ask again:

What's the best way to convert our files from Script to Wordperfect?

Thanks in advance,
Bill Hartzer (William -dot- Hartzer -at- emc2-fisc -dot- com)

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