Re: Line spacing in bullet li

Subject: Re: Line spacing in bullet li
From: Ian White <Ian -at- IFWTECH -dot- DEMON -dot- CO -dot- UK>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 13:46:23 +0000

In article: <3bq7ql$cjo -at- ionews -dot- io -dot- org> ksoltys -at- io -dot- org (Keith Soltys) writes:

> Subject: Line spacing in bullet lists

> I'd like some feedback on formatting lists. When using bulleted lists,
> is there any standard for applying spacing between items? When I was
> doing work for IBM, I was told to use compact lists (i.e., no line
> spacing between items) if the items were one line long. If any of the
> items fit on more than one line, then put a line space between all
> items in the list.

> I have no idea what the rationale for this was, but that was the way we
> were told to format bulleted lists. I'm now preparing a style guide for
> my departmnet and need to establish some guidlines for list
> formatting. To keep things simple, I'm inclined to tell people not to
> use any line spacing between items in bulleted lists.

I share Keith's implied uneasiness about one rule for short items,
but another for long ones.

If the word-processor allows it, try setting up a 'style' that adds
an extra half-line spacing at the end of each paragraph and bullet
item (eg an extra 6 points on 12-pt type). That usually looks quite
pleasing for all purposes.

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