Subject: Cyberleaf
From: Frank Saucier <Frank_Saucier -at- WARREN -dot- MENTORG -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 10:50:44 EST

Hey gang,

Has anyone seen a demo or beta version of Cyberleaf (Interleaf's HTML
conversion package)? According to Ileaf, the package is not due out
until late December or early January. I've included Ileaf's original
press release below.

Frank Saucier / fsaucier -at- warren -dot- mentorg -dot- com / Mentor Graphics Corp.

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SENDER: pwerner -at- ileaf -dot- com (Philip Werner)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Cyberleaf for WWW Publishing
Date: 17 Nov 1994 04:03:49 GMT

Waltham, MA -- November 14, 1994 -- Interleaf, Inc. (NASDAQ: LEAF) today
announced Cyberleaf, a new easy-to-use software package for publishing
information on the Internet's World Wide Web. Cyberleaf includes everything
a user needs to build and maintain professional-looking collections
or "webs" of information, made up of text, graphics and multimedia files,
which can be distributed on the Internet and viewed with Mosaic-like

Ed Koepfler, Interleaf's President and CEO, said "Cyberleaf addresses
the needs of organizations large and small that want to reach the more
than 30 million people currently accessing the Internet. In the new age
of information sharing, Interleaf will play a key role in empowering this
potentially huge market to communicate with a global audience faster
than ever."

Cyberleaf -- Internet publishing made simple

Cyberleaf simplifies the process of publishing information on the Internet,
making it fast and easy to turn the output of any major word processing
application into information ready to be accessed over the Internet.
With Cyberleaf, authors and designers can use familiar applications,
such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, to publish on the Internet, rather
than having to adopt specialized text editors.

While the Mosaic browser, with its easy-to-use graphical interface, has
gained popularity for viewing documents on the Internet's World Wide
Web, until now the procedure for publishing documents on the Internet was
difficult and time-intensive, and required extensive technical knowledge.

Cyberleaf removes the technical barriers, making it easy for users at
any skill level to publish on the Internet. Its point-and-click interface
intuitively guides users through the conversion, hyperlinking and web
construction process. During this process, Cyberleaf takes documents
created with all major word processing and graphics applications and converts
them simultaneously to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Graphics
Interchange Format (GIF), the file formats that Mosaic displays and
which are considered Internet standards.

Cyberleaf also links documents together, so that users who access the
information on the World Wide Web can simply click on a keyword to move
spatially through piles of documents. This process, known as hyperlinking,
previously required time-intensive preparation and technical knowledge
of HTML. Cyberleaf allows users to quickly link many documents together
to form a cohesive web of information, without requiring that the
user learn HTML.

Robert Maher, Interleaf's Vice President of Document Publishing, said
"Cyberleaf will open the floodgates to the Internet because it makes it
fast and easy for any organization, including government, universities,
non-profit organizations, small and large businesses, as well as individuals
to publish information on the Internet."

Jay Weber, Director of Research and Development at Enterprise Integration
Technologies Corp. (EIT), a California-based R&D and consulting firm
for electronic commerce on the Internet, said "Cyberleaf is easy to use
and will significantly reduce the time required to publish documents
on the Internet. There is no other product like it. We're going to recommend
it highly to our customers."

Cyberleaf's major features include:

Push-button graphical user interface. A workflow-oriented interface,
ideal for users at any skill level, guides users through the conversion,
hyperlinking and Internet web construction process.

Multiple format conversion. Cyberleaf converts Microsoft Word, WordPerfect,
Interleaf, FrameMaker and ASCII formats.

Simultaneous text and graphics conversion to HTML and GIF. Text and
graphics are converted simultaneously to HTML and GIF, ensuring maximum
productivity for the user.

Easy-to-use hyperlinking. Hyperlinks contained in the original documents
are preserved and converted directly to HTML. In addition, users
can insert hyperlinks within and between documents, as well as link to
any external file type, including audio and video.

Style matching. During the conversion process, Cyberleaf analyzes
the styles contained in the original documents and automatically matches
those styles to equivalent HTML styles.

Home page templates. A home page is the initial screen a user sees
when accessing an Internet host on the World Wide Web. It provides a
hyperlinked table of contents to the information an organization is making
available on the Internet. Cyberleaf includes professionally-designed
home page templates with sample graphics and layouts for constructing
effective home pages for many information distribution applications.

Document outlines. To facilitate browsing with Mosaic, long documents
may be outlined based on selected style names such as chapter or section.
Outline elements are automatically hyperlinked with their corresponding
sections so that readers can quickly find the information they're
looking for.

Web document management. Multiple webs can be created, managed and
maintained simultaneously. Webs can be updated incrementally when individual
documents change or new ones are added, with no need to rebuild
webs from scratch each time.

Mosaic-compatible. Cyberleaf has been tested with a wide range of
popular browsers including Mosaics from NCSA, Spyglass, MCOM, Spry, and
other browsers such as Cello, Lynx, Chimera and Arena.

Pricing and availability

The UNIX version of Cyberleaf will be available in December 1994 for a
retail list price of $795 US. It will support DEC AXP OSF/1, HP 700/8xx,
IBM RS/6000 and Sun SPARC. The Windows version will be available in
the first quarter of 1995 for a list price of $495 US. It will support
Windows and Windows NT. Cyberleaf will be sold through all distribution
channels, including direct sales, Value-added Resellers (VARs), distributors,

About Interleaf

Interleaf is the leading worldwide supplier of a complete line of document
information management software and systems that provide value-added
solutions to automate document-intensive business processes. Interleaf's
core businesses span the spectrum of document information needs from
electronic document preparation, publishing and distribution to document
information systems and custom solutions that support the management
of information contained in documents.

Visit Interleaf's Web Server for more information on Cyberleaf:


Copyright 1994 by Interleaf, Inc. Interleaf, the Interleaf logo and Cyberleaf
are registered trademarks of Interleaf, Inc. Other products and
companies referenced herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of
their respective companies or mark holders.

Contact: Anna Morbelli, ext. 6392
email: amorbelli -at- ileaf -dot- com

Carol McGarry or Nancy Kashanek
Schwartz Communications

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