Re: Script-to-WP Conversion

Subject: Re: Script-to-WP Conversion
From: Steve Read <sread -at- NIRVANA -dot- NOSUBDOMAIN -dot- NODOMAIN>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 1994 14:07:17 GMT

In article <m0rF5oo-0000faC -at- tao-gate -dot- fisc -dot- com>,
William -dot- Hartzer -at- emc2-tao -dot- fisc -dot- com writes:
|> Bob writes, in response of the Script to Wordperfect conversion that I should
|> hire a "key banger" to re-type all of this stuff.
|> ----------------------------
|> Bob, get real!!!! This is what we're doing right now (re-formatting ASCII
|> text, which is FASTER than re-typing altogether. We're looking for an
|> automated process (or at least a semi-automated process at that).
|> Thanks anyway,
|> Bill Hartzer (william -dot- hartzer -at- emc2-tao -dot- fisc -dot- com)
|> Technical Writer, Fischer International Systems Corporation
|> Naples, Florida USA

When I worked at Big Blue, we had an OEM customer who wanted documentation in
Ami Pro format. All I did was write a *GREAT BIG* search and replace macro
to go find (in this case) Bookmaster codes and turn them into the appropriate
Ami formatting codes. Wasn't any big deal, and managed to to about 80% of
the converting without any human intervention.

Steve Read

Oracle UK

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