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Subject: Re: a job as editor
From: Jan Boomsliter <boom -at- CADENCE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 17:03:36 -0800

Where, in the technical world, are editors paid more than writers? I'm
on my way. I think the only place you can be promoted to editor is in
the real publishing world.

In the electronics industry, editors are not considered consequential.
If the company even has such a job title, it usually means a clerk or
coordinator, probably a writer wannabe. In the few companies that do
hire editors, neither the writers nor the managers know much about what
to do with them, and use them as proofreaders.

Real editing means owning and managing the project; that includes
estimating, scheduling, locating and hiring writers, artists, and
production people, and editing and producing the book. An editor is,
by definition, an experienced writer.

I've had the fortune of working in a real editing job once or twice. More
often I work as a writer, because that's where the jobs are, where the
pay is, and any "editing" job offered is the writer-wannabe kind.

Happy hunting.

Hello. In several recent salary surveys and other threads (from this
list and others), I've picked up that some "writing/editing" jobs are
treated as two distinct positions where the former is a lower level,
lower paying job.
I've been a technical communicator for 10 years (minus a few months) where
I've worked for both a HUGE corp. and a tiny engineering house.
I, along with my peers, have always done it ALL--no distinctions.
Pay increases are tied to tenure since there's no distinction in
levels. And special work gets compensated with bonuses.

All of this leads me to a few questions:
(1) What kinds of situations (or companies)
hire/promote editors to edit writers? Does it differ by region?
size of company? industry/business?

(2) Are there any jobs an editor handles that someone like myself
who does it all (research, write, edit, product management, production, etc.)
doesn't handle?

Someday I'd like to advance to an editor position (if that's really the
way to get more prestige (read $$)
if there are companies really hiring such a person. (NOTE: I'm NOT
talking about being promoted to a person that manages other writers.
I AM talking about someone being promoted to edit as a specialty.)

Thanks, in advance, for replies.
Sherri Hall, Product Manager-Documentation Email: shall -at- hilco -dot- com
"And unto us a child is born . . . Merry Christmas!"

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