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Subject: Re: Question on the list
From: "Sandy, Corinne" <CHS8 -at- CPSOD1 -dot- EM -dot- CDC -dot- GOV>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 1994 09:06:00 EST

Sue asks: are flaming questions running rampant on the line?

I'm new to the list myself-- I have noticed that there are an unusually
large number of obnoxious messages, but there are probably as many obnoxious
conversations that take place on a daily basis at work! It's my opinion
that people are more apt to "tell it like they feel" because 1) they don't
know who they're sharing dialogue with, and 2) you don't know who they are.
The risk is low. The good part is if you don't like the reply you can
DELETE IT! Basically, not everyone is going to like what everyone has
to say. In an ideal world, people need to have a tough skin--but people do
have sensitivies and sometimes we spark them without even knowing it. I
try to be "politically" (and grammatically) correct and do not intentionally
try to rile someone, but sometimes it's just someone else's problem and it's
not my responsibility if a comment sets them off. The bottom line is
two-fold: tolerance (and that also means tolerance of ignorance) and free

I think the list is a good information source. I get 20% more information
then I would get if I wouldn't have subscribed, get entertained another 20%
of the time, and 60% of the time I delete. For me, it works.

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Another Sue writes...

> I just recently learned about this list, and was very excited to hear
> there was a forum in which writers could communicate and share ideas
> and thoughts. I especially miss interaction with my peers, since
> (unfortunately) I haven't any peers in my company. My question is a
> simple one. I've been lurking around for about a week or so and have
> noticed what seems to be a large number of "flaming" messages. Is
> this just a strange aberration (like, is the moon in Pisces or some
> strange place?), or is this normal? I'd love to be able to remain on
> this list, lurker or not, but the volume seems a bit high.

Well, Sue... Ya just don't sit a couple a' hundred professional
communicators down in front of keyboards and produce silence. Fact of

Last year we settled such burning questions like "Is it You've got another
(thing/think) comming" and which state has the best bbq. This year's
burning questions are different, but just as urgent.

It's always been a high volume list and probably always will be -- but
you're more than welcome to insert your $.02 worth whenever you feel
the urge! Welcome to the list!

Sue Gallagher

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