Modem Speeds

Subject: Modem Speeds
From: "USA::MU17692" <MU17692%USA -dot- decnet -at- USAV01 -dot- GLAXO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 1994 14:36:00 EST

It's hard to imagine why anyone is still using a 2400 baud modem
to access online information. Given the performance-to-price ratio,
14,400 modems are an excellent investment. And, 9600 baud modems are
so cheap. I grumble when I have to connect to AOL at 9600 baud.
CompuServe and my employer provide 14,400 connections.

Right now, a 28,800 modem isn't worth the investment for most home
computer users. For me, I could use 28,800 modem to connect to only
a few local BBSs. And the price of the modems is too high; they're
still exotic.

BTW, to ensure a pleasant experience with a 28,800 modem, I suspect
we'll need extra clean data lines from the phone company. I pay for
such a line to make my 14,400 connections.

Merry Christmas.

-Mike Uhl
Glaxo Inc. Research Institute
Research Triangle Park, NC

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