Re: too late for Christmas OR EVER, ACTUALLY

Subject: Re: too late for Christmas OR EVER, ACTUALLY
From: "John M. Gear" <catalyst -at- PACIFIER -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 18:51:00 PST

At 02:10 PM 12/22/94 -0500, Kelly Graham MCOM wrote:
>Well, it came back from the printer a little too late to put in a stocking,
>but I hope some of you will give my Dad's latest project a read.

>40-page writer's refresher kit.
>$7 postpaid.
>PAGE, Dept. TW, Box 676
>Gates Mills, OH 44040

>BTW, we're already thinking about the next release, so your comments and
>suggestions would be appreciated.

>I hope posting this to the list is not considered inappropriate; afterall,
>it is `on topic'.

Inappropriate? Why, *what* gave you that idea??????? Oh, contraire. I'm
sure every one of the over 1000 members of this list really subscribed so
that people with something to sell have another way to reach them. I know
that after a long day screening out ads in the newspaper, professional
journals, mail, telephone calls and people knocking on doors, I get a little
lonesome if there's no advertising on the internet! I think of it as my
privilege to pay for internet access so that people can try to sell things
to me!

I'm sure you agree, the internet is probably really intended for everyone
with something to sell. Why, it would just be devoid of content if people
didn't advertise their "on-topic" products. Especially helpful that there
are all these little lists that you can use for your marketing! It's just a
mystery that more people don't do it! Especially since many times, the
recipient has to pay to get the ad! What could be better?

And, you know, gosh! The advantages just go on and on! You can even work
in a little plug to get free help in preparing your next revision! Jeepers,
what a deal, and at Christmas too.

I'm sure it would be *so* dreary without little "on-topic" ads like yours
... just sharing of information by people with an interest (no pun intended)
in the topic. How terribly bland.

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