Re: Indexes - Printed vs. On-line

Subject: Re: Indexes - Printed vs. On-line
From: Lori Lathrop <76620 -dot- 456 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 22:57:56 EST

In response to QMS Account, INTERNET:Robert -dot- Morrisette -at- EBAY -dot- SUN -dot- COM,
who asks:

> Why does a printed index "outshine" an on-line index?

A printed index simply makes it easier for readers to benefit from the
detailed topic analysis that the index provides; readers can easily scan
the index in its entirety. Readers using an online index sometimes get
"disoriented" because they don't know just where they are in the document.

> My original question that helped start the _Reasons for on-line_ thread
> was - why should a printed index be different than an on-line index?
> So far, no one has answered this question.

> The on-line index can have hypertext links to the page numbers, which
> gives you instant access to the reference. Again, why should they be
> different, except that one is on paper and one on the screen?

You've answered your own question :-) They shouldn't be different,
except for the fact that one is on paper and one is on the screen.
Hypertext links in online indexes serve the same purpose as page
references in printed indexes.

Perhaps one disadvantage of a printed index is that readers have to flip
to the referenced page and scan it for the desired information. However,
as I explained in my previous note, readers find it easier to see the
"big picture" in terms of topic analysis when they scan a printed index.

> Happy holidays out there.

And happy indexing :-)

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