Re[2]: warranty info in a manual

Subject: Re[2]: warranty info in a manual
From: "Virginia L. Krenn" <asdxvlk -at- OKWAY -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 1994 16:12:48 -0600

But, don't you hate getting all those odd pieces of paper, etc. with
your software? Then you have to deide whether to trash it or keep it
and where to keep it. I'd rather it be a part of the manual (in the
back) where it won't get lost in case I should ever need it.

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Author: Kelly Kremin <kellyk -at- cyberoptics -dot- com> at SMTP
Date: 12/27/94 11:53 AM

Let me clarify myself.

The company always includes a sheet of warranty information with the
product. Very standard stuff traditionally maintained by our
Sales/Support depts.

My question: Is a technical reference manual the best place for
warranty information to live?

Or: Why is warranty info in the manual better than warranty info

I ask because I've never seen warranty info included in the manuals I
use, or in manuals I've written at other companies.

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Author: Michael LaTorra <mikel -at- HUEY -dot- ACCUGRAPH -dot- COM>
Date: 12/27/94 11:45 AM

Kelly Kremin asked about including 5 pages of warranty info in her new manuals:

>Do you include warranty information in
>manuals? Do any of the 'big guys'?

Definitely. In our litigious era, it's cheaper for a company
to cover itself with a few pages of turgid legalese (that no
one normally reads) than it is to face even one lawsuit.

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