Re: Costs of Translation

Subject: Re: Costs of Translation
From: Tony Roder <tony -at- WELL -dot- SF -dot- CA -dot- US>
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 1994 17:58:59 GMT

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>I have a questions for you translation mavens. My company's translation mavens
>are all on vacation (what nerve!), so I turn to you.

>We have prospect who wants us to translate our training curriculum into their
>language. Does anyone have ballpark figures on translation costs? For
>example, cost per page, cost for services, how translation companies charge,

>I realize that these figures don't even touch the cost of preparing a document
>for translation. I'm under the impression that it's real expensive.

>Last, any thoughts on the pain (or painlessness) of maintenance of translated
>material wrt updates, enhancements, changes, etc.?

A complete response to your questions, Mary, would take more time and
space than are available here, but in brief:

Translation costs vary significantly with the complexity of the material
and language (i.e. complex -> expensive, rare language -> expensive). The
translation cost is generally quoted per word, with reasonable discounts
for volume (i.e. approx. 25 cents/word for European languages, discounts
for more than 75-100 pages). Additional services such as printing, etc.
are also negotiable.

It is not necessary to specially prepare a document for translation; the
document itself or an electronic file are sufficient. And a good
translation company will know how to manage updates, new versions, etc.

By way of introduction, I'm a translator and president of the Northern
California Translators Association. If you want to discuss this at greater
length, please e-mail with phone number and we can continue.


Tony Roder, speaking his mind....

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