Re: how we read oops

Subject: Re: how we read oops
From: Richard Lippincott <rlippinc -at- BEV -dot- ETN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 1995 09:27:24 EST

Kathy Kearney Moore seems to have the "big picture" regarding the complaints
in reading Bob Bohle's message. The problem seemed to be something that's been
interjected into the message as it travelled along the 'net.

Okay, I'll ask the dumb question: What causes this? And what can I do in my
messages to prevent it?

I can't seem to predict it when it will happen. For example, yesterday
I got a message, here at work, and it looked fine. I decided to forward it
to my home e-mail address. Once it got there, it had the same scrambled lines/
extra returns that Bob's message had. Why did this happen?

Dag-nab newfangled technology. Why, in my day when all we had was paper and
white-out, we never had these problems......

Sorry. Just had a brief attack of the "old fogeys." I feel much better now.

Rick Lippincott
Eaton Semiconductor
Beverly, MA
rlippinc -at- bev -dot- etn -dot- com

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