Re: Why Frame not Word?

Subject: Re: Why Frame not Word?
From: Gwen Barnes <gwen -dot- barnes -at- MUSTANG -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 1995 17:09:49 GMT

-> If I could print crop marks from Word, I'd throw Frame out the
-> window in a minute!!! (But, then, I've been using Word since
-> release 3.0...)

You're on. Here's how I do it:

1. Open the headers and footers

2. Create a three-column, one row table in the header and the footer.
Column 1 is the distance from the left crop to the left edge of the
paper. Column 2 is the width of the actual finished page size. Column
3 is the distance from the right crop to the right edge of the paper.

3. Open Format/Borders and put a border in cell 1, right and bottom,
cell 3, left and bottom. Same thing only upside-down for the footer.

4. Position the li'l guys. You may need to create a paragraph tag with
0.1 points of leading to "glue" the headers to the top and bottom of
the page.

5. When you've got the height and position of these things nailed down,
open the drawing toolbar and draw a white filled rectangle that
covers the corners of the borders you've just placed. That makes the
printer happy.

6. Add whatever other stuff (running headers, page numbers, etc.) to the
headers and footers.

6. Tweak the Page Layout box for margins and intro pages till it's

Save this layout and cut 'n paste it into your documents so you don't
have to do it over and over.

Credit is due the author of "Underground Guide to Word 6 for Windows"
for the basic idea of using a table with borders for the crop marks,
although he couldn't figure out how to get the little gap between the
vertical and horizontal rules. The white filled rectangle fixes that <g>

Gwen gwen -dot- barnes -at- mustang -dot- com
MSI * Connecting the world 805-873-2500

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