Re: your mail

Subject: Re: your mail
From: Karen Kay <karenk -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 20:22:10 -0800

> -----------------------Start Quote-------------------------------------
> :) We have an advantage over misc.writing, being a list. The FAQ could be
> stored with the archives, available through the listserver--a lot of lists
> keep a copy of their welcome message their. Or it could be made accessible
> through Eric's home page--or even the list's home page, when Eric builds
> it in his spare time.:)
> ------------------------End Quote------------------------------------

> If Eric had any spare time.

I would NEVER suggest that Eric be responsible for the *contents* of the
FAQ. Wasn't someone working on one?

> -----------------------Start Quote-------------------------------------
> Umm...most of us access the group through the Internet. Do you mean
> Usenet?
> ------------------------End Quote------------------------------------

> I'm not sure. Seriously. I meant Internet (via a newsgroup) versus a
> listserver. For a writer, sometimes I can't work with words. Frustrating.

If you access the list via a newsgroup, then you're accessing it via Usenet.

Btw, I would LOVE to know why the 'reply-to' address on the message quoted
with > was mine, since I didn't write it...

karenk -at- netcom -dot- com

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