Re: video sales

Subject: Re: video sales
From: Bonni Graham <bonnig -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 09:46:25 -0800

Since there have now been a couple of messages lambasting me for doing
something I had told everyone I was going to do several months ago, I
feel I should step in.

I certainly did not mean to "bother" everyone on the list. I have been
posting tape availability for over a year now, with no adverse reaction
until this most recent post. *Several* people have asked me to continue
to let *the list* know of tape availability, and since it has been
different people asking every time I post I naturally assumed there was
a general interest in the information. From here on out, I will no
longer inform Techwr-L of new or upcoming tapes. Anyone who wants to
know about San Diego's ongoing Meetings on Tape series can post to me
directly -- I'll respond with whatever information I have available.

I'm very disappointed -- one of the most useful things about this list
for me has been the information on different tools and publications that
can help me do my job, and until recently, I thought I was in the
company of others who believed the same. I thought that I was providing
a service for those who could not attend many (or any) conferences and
meetings (the tape sales are going just fine -- I don't need the list
for advertising). I tried to narrow the focus by being very clear in my
subject line, so that anyone who was not interested could skip the
message. Now that I know I'm simply polluting the atmosphere and
creating a junk mail nuisance, rest assured that it will not happen

If sound bitter and angry over this, well, I am. I think we're getting
WAY too sensitive over this (and before anyone flames me -- yes, I too
pay for my own Internet access out of my own pocket). Over the year and
some months I've been a member of this list I've seen a total of five
true advertisements (three of which were on topic, and, I felt, at
least a little appropriate) and my tape listings out of several thousand
other posts. I've seen meeting announcements posted -- but no one seems
to mind those, even though they can only possibly apply to a small
fraction of the list (I'm definitely not saying they should stop -- I
happen to think the notices are useful, even if I can't go). As I said
earlier, rest assured that the San Diego chapter will not bother you
folks again.

Bonni Graham
bonnig -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

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