Re: Missing Fonts in FM4/Windows

Subject: Re: Missing Fonts in FM4/Windows
From: Gail DeCamp <decampg -at- SMTPLINK -dot- NGC -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 10:28:16 PST


I don't know how you would scroll in this particular window to reach the fonts
you want. However, I have a quick-and-dirty solution for you: Remove some fonts
from your machine. If you take off the fonts you will never, ever use (do this
through control panel/fonts), then windows and windows applications will also
boot faster (since an application consults the font list every time it starts,
and it takes a while to read all 200 fonts).

My advice: be ruthless in pruning your font list. Most people collect fonts
shamelessly ("FlySpeck Oblique? Maybe I can use that in a brochure somewhere")
but stick with a small core of favorites anyway.

Gail DeCamp
Speaking from, but not for, Network General Corporation

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Subject: Missing Fonts in FM4/Windows
Author: LAUGHTON%ALLOY -dot- BitNet -at- PUCC -dot- PRINCETON -dot- EDU at smtplink
Date: 1/20/95 11:02 AM

interbitgate%"techwr-l -at- vm1 -dot- ucc -dot- okstate -dot- edu"

I'm using FrameMaker 4.0.2 for Windows on a 486-66 w/ 16M of RAM.
I have a lot of Windows fonts installed (several hundred).
When I try to select a font from the pull-down menu, a window
opens with what I suppose are all 200 fonts, listed in
alphabetical order. I say "I suppose", because I can only
see the A's and the B's, and there doesn't appear to be any way
to scroll down the list to get to fonts that begin with C through
Z. Naturally, almost every font I would ever want to select for
use in FM begins with something _other_ than A or B.


How do I pick fonts?

I have FM running on another machine with far fewer fonts, and
on that machine, only the fonts beginning with Z are off-screen;
I still can't access anything that's outside the window, but it's
less of a problem since I don't use the unavailable fonts in FM.

There _has_ to be some way to get at these fonts, but I just can't
figure it out for the life of me. (I don't want to use the machine
with fewer fonts on a routine basis, because it's a 386-16 with
4M of RAM <ugh>).

-Watson Laughton
laughton%alloy -dot- bitnet -at- pucc -dot- princeton -dot- edu

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