SIGDOC 95 Call for Papers

Subject: SIGDOC 95 Call for Papers
From: "sigdoc95 (s.) doc" <sigdoc95 -at- BNR -dot- CA>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 14:41:00 -0500

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From: Sigdoc95 (S.) Doc (BNR) Dept 8I33 CAR

Subject: SIGDOC 95 Call for Papers

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Thu Jan 12 10:02:00 1995

To: Caroline (C.B.) Pope (BNR) Dept 8I33 CAR

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Subject: C4P electronic

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Caroline, here is the on-line version of the C4P. You can add what you
want. I just realized that I did not check for "smart quotes." If you
see random character such as Us or Rs please change to dagger quotes,
single or double where appropriate.

I know I said I would send out the e-copies, but I just realized that I
really don't want people replying to me ... and they will, if I send it
out ... so I will put together a list of where to send stuff ... OK?

Soon you will have lots of new friends all over the world.






October 2 - 4, 1995

Hyatt Regency on the historic Savannah riverfront

Savannah, Georgia

SIGDOC 95 is a platform for us, as documentation specialists, to share
the solutions we have implemented to meet the challenges we face in our
jobs. As we grow in experience and expertise, the challenges become more
complex. We are no longer asked to provide one piece of the project but
the complete solution.

* Print or on-line? Now we must deliver information through interactive
software, graphics, hypertext, video, and sound running on multiple

* On-line help? Now we have help systems that mix full-text searches,
performance enhancement, and on-line selective viewing.

Many of these challenges are not solved by one project but by
interdependent projects, involving multiple teams from various
departments to provide the required skills. More collaboration is needed
among documentation, development, and other departments to deliver the

SIGDOC 95 wants to hear

* how you approached these challenges

* what were the factors on which you based your decisions

* what were the constraints (distance, media, technology)

* how the plan was developed, reviewed, and approved

* how you deployed your plan

* what mid-project changes you had to make to the plan

* what results you achieved

The aim of SIGDOC 95 is to showcase real-life solutions we can apply in
our jobs.



Share your experiences and practical solutions with your colleagues in
Savannah. Presentations or tutorials addressing these areas are

* developing on-line information on one platform and porting to other

* collaborating with your development groups to produce on-line help
systems that provide full-text searches, performance enhancement
systems, on-line selective viewing, and usable GUIs

* using the networks, Internet, or World Wide Web to collaborate,
gather, or disseminate information

* distributing documentation, help systems, and software electronically

* using innovative technologies that "in combination" support
authoring, document management, group work, hypertext design and
mapping, networks and distribution, multimedia, testing, integration
of tool sets

* what do we do to migrate to SGML and once we are there, where do we

* joining the design or development teams to produce solutions

* defining processes and using them to mature and improve an

* measuring and improving quality

* measuring and improving customer satisfaction

* solving organizational issues such as merging with training and

* Papers
60- to 90-minute in-depth presentations
30-minute presentations of a paper by one or more authors
20- to 30-minute presentations of two or three related papers

* Panels
discussion involving a moderator and a number of speakers with
audience participation

* Tutorials half-day or full-day workshops

* Posters
visual presentations, including text and multimedia demos, of
solutions to documentation/communication problems

Proposals must include:

* PAPERS: A 500- to 1000-word description of the session topic,
outlining the thesis, main points, and implications for the field.
Please include an estimate of the time required for your
presentation. If you need more than 30 minutes, provide an outline
with the time breakdown.

* POSTERS: A 200- to 300-word abstract of your poster topic and, if you
plan to do one, a description of your multimedia demo.

* On a separate page, the name, title, organization, address, and
telephone number of each participant. Please indicate the principal

* The software discussed and demonstrated in your presentation. The
software should also be available for display at the conference.

Please send your proposal to:

Bell-Northern Research
P.O. Box 3511
Station C, Stop 231
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 4H7
E-mail: <sigdoc95 -at- bnr -dot- ca>
Fax: (613) 763-9344
Tel: (613) 763-9526

The Program Committee must receive all proposals by March 1, 1995. We
will let you know by May 1, 1995, whether or not your proposal is
accepted. Accepted papers and abstracts will appear in the proceedings
(CACM). We must receive an electronic, final copy of your paper via
e-mail or on diskette by July 15, 1995.



Program Committee
Chair, Caroline B. Pope, Bell-Northern Research <cpope -at- bnr -dot- ca>
Susan B. Jones, MIT <sbjones -at- mit -dot- edu>
Mary Jane Northrop, University of Michigan <mjn -at- citi -dot- umich -dot- edu
Stephanie Rosenbaum, Tec-Ed Inc. <stephanie -at- teced -dot- com>
Mimi Saffer, SAS Institute <sasmes -at- unx -dot- sas -dot- com>
Ray Siemens, University of British Columbia <siemens -at- unixg -dot- ubc -dot- ca>
Pat Sullivan, Perdue University


The week preceding SIGDOC 95 is IPCC 95, the IEEE Professional
Communication Society Conference, September 27-29. Its theme is "Smooth
Sailing to the Future."

For information on IPCC 95, contact Roger Grice, IPCC 95 Program
Manager, Roger Grice Associates, Inc., 52 Doris Lane, Lake Katrine, NY
12449, Tel: (914) 382-2015, E-mail: <r -dot- grice -at- ieee -dot- org>

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To: "caroline (c.b.) pope" <cpope -at- bnr -dot- ca>
Subject: C4P electronic

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