Re: e-mail or email?

Subject: Re: e-mail or email?
From: Timothy Schablin <timothy -at- ESKIMO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 10:18:18 -0800

Mybe we should just spell it as electronic mail instead of email, e-mail,
or E-mail. :>

On Mon, 23 Jan 1995, Bill Burns wrote:

> Tim McGee said:

> >The trend will, most likely, be toward omitting the hyphen for the same
> that "high school" became "high-school" became "highschool."

> I'm not sure which dictionary you're using, but my online (there's a neologism
> for you) dictionary spells "high school" as two words. In fact, I've never
> seen the term spelled as one word (unless as a misspelling) or as a hyphenated
> term (unless the words were used as a compound adjective). No doubt the
> continued use of that compound could possibly evolve into a single term. The
> chances for e-mail are more likely, especially since many people never give
> a second thought to what the "e" stands for. However, English also has a
> tradition of maintaining spelling conventions even when they no longer
> standard pronunciation (e.g. cough, though, colonel).

> I think the point was made earlier about penultimate stress. Since we stress
> the first letter and because we'd most likely not want to try to accelerate
> the degradation of the term from "ee-mail" to "ehmail," we should separate the
> "e" from mail with a hyphen. Reserving this form will also help maintain the
> metaphor from which the term originated (i.e. electronic mail).

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