Re: PM Forms to Word

Subject: Re: PM Forms to Word
From: "Susan W. Gallagher" <sgallagher -at- STARBASECORP -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 13:47:08 -0800

Auli asks...
> Does anyone know of a way to import text, originally created in PageMaker,
> Word 5.1? Originally, we wanted to achieve an exact duplicate of our telephone
> It was a mistake. The person who did the original 500 is no longer here and
> we're having a problem getting good support for PageMaker.

> If possible, we would like to salvage some of the work.

> The format used was:

> 1. master pages, to create the form itself.
> 2. variable text in the information blocks of the form. X 500 forms! None of
> the blocks of variable text are threaded (? connected?)

Word has the ability to create separate forms and data, just like the
master page format you now have in pagemaker. It'll work similar to
a mail merge document, so look in the manual under advanced merge for
info on creating your form. You can then grab the data from pagemaker
and paste it in as plain text -- not into the form doc, but into a
secondary merge document. Once you name your data fields, you can
use straight ascii, comma delimited info to merge the data back into
the form 500 times.

If you plan to view the data online, there's a function to merge
onscreen into a temporary doc and then save it. I can't remember
exactly what it's called, tho. It's been a while since I've used
the DOS version of anything! :-)

Good Luck!

Sue Gallagher
StarBase Corp, Irvine CA
sgallagher -at- starbasecorp -dot- com

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