Re: Exporting PageMaker files to Word 5.1

Subject: Re: Exporting PageMaker files to Word 5.1
From: Valerie Archambeau <varchamb -at- MIDWAY -dot- UCHICAGO -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 10:35:10 -0600

At 1:53 PM 1/24/1995, Auli Ingman wrote:
>Does anyone know of a way to import text, originally created in PageMaker, into
>Word 5.1? Originally, we wanted to achieve an exact duplicate of our telephone
>company service order form, which we then used as a template for about 500
>filled-in versions, all exhibiting different examples of service requests, all
>separate Pagemaker documents.

You can import text from PageMaker by Exporting the story (or stories) in
Rich Text Format (RTF). First, select the Text Tool from the ToolBox,
click anywhere in the text you want to export. Then choose "Export" from
the File menu. The Export window looks much like the "Save As" window.

Choose "Rich Text Format" from the File Format list, click on "Entire
Story" (as opposed to "Selected Text"), and name your exported file. I
usually append "RTF" to these files for my own benefit.

Now, when you open this file from within word, much of your formatting will
be spared.

The ease of this function is a factor of the number of "stories" in your
publication. Additionally, the export function will not pick up the
information from the Master Pages (such as margins, column guides),
although *text* from the Master Pages may be exported as well --as a
separate file.

You are best off (IMHO) recreating the layout in MSWord, then inserting the
PM exported file/s (Insert-File). Of course, trying it just now, Word did
not bring in my fonts (Futura Bold was changed to Times normal) although
sizes, tabs, and styles were preserved, so that modification should be a
breeze. We *are* talking about Word, here however -- not always the most
cooperative word processor, and an even less cooperative dtp application.

I hope this helps,



Valerie Archambeau varchamb -at- midway -dot- uchicago -dot- edu
Information Management Specialist (312) 702-4665
and Educational Coordinator
Academic Information Technologies
The University of Chicago

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