Re: Paperless--BAH!

Subject: Re: Paperless--BAH!
From: "Robert W. Jones" <shaka -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 12:29:12 -0800

I think that we must remember that most of the world is with out
high technology and that paper will have a very important place in our
future for a long time to come. While technology leap frogs I am sure
that one can find shelves if not large electronic storage systems of data
and information that is not compatable with existing techmology for play back
or retrevial. The USA Accounting Office has reported that the US taxpayer
pays millions of dollars each year for the housing of disks and tapes
that is not compatable with current systems.

Does any one here remember CP/M, the LISA, the DEC System 10, long playing
records or even the Betamax, or 8 track tape system? Is DOS a dead deal? I
can still read and write on my paper copy of Oedipus Rex from high school,
but I can not say that about my CP/M version of WordStar.

A scientific jouurnal reported that even data or information on electronic
storage systems does not last forever. Given the shelf life of new
technology some of you may become the next zillionaire by harvesting
old technology for current systems (books, disk, and tape).

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