Re: Paperless--BAH!

Subject: Re: Paperless--BAH!
From: Marc Santacroce <santa -at- TFS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 15:34:28 -0800

I had a friend who was employed by the Association of Librarians or
something like that. Their hottest issue was the acid levels in paper and
that it would all deteriorate in n-years.
At 1:30 PM 1/26/95 -0800, Ray Bruman wrote:
> "Robert W. Jones" <shaka -at- NETCOM -dot- COM> writes:
>> Does any one here remember CP/M, the LISA, the DEC System 10, long playing
>> records or even the Betamax, or 8 track tape system? Is DOS a dead deal? I
>> can still read and write on my paper copy of Oedipus Rex from high school,
>> but I can not say that about my CP/M version of WordStar.
>> A scientific jouurnal reported that even data or information on electronic
>> storage systems does not last forever. Given the shelf life of new
>> technology some of you may become the next zillionaire by harvesting
>> old technology for current systems (books, disk, and tape).

>He may be referring to the January 1995 Scientific American article (p 42)
>"Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Documents" which explores this very
>serious problem. A single quote should suffice:

>"A 1990 House of Representatives report describes the narrow escape of
>the 1960 U.S. Census data."

>A photo of disks & tapes next to a replica of the Rosetta Stone (still
>legible after 2200 years; some of the media are obsolete within 10 years)
>emphasizes the problem.

>If you want to save it, you dern well better print it out and plan
>on using OCR later. Want to try to read some CP/M Wordstar files off
>an 8-inch Shugart floppy disk in perfect condition?

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