Re: Grammar vs Content

Subject: Re: Grammar vs Content
From: Carl Miller <ccm -at- PANDORA -dot- CRAY -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 10:41:20 -0600

> The problem, as I experience it is thus: I can deal with grammar, but I
> don't know 100% of the software I'm documenting. I can only write my
> perspective of the software, and I need developers to fill in the blanks.
> And I experience the same problem as Vince: when I ask someone to review
> what I've written, making sure that it is correct and complete, they point
> out comma problems and other useless drivel.

> Bottom line, if all the information ain't there, people CAN'T understand
> the subject -- only the part of the subject that was presented. If I
> knew how to make them edit "for content only" and impart the remainder
> of the knowledge they possess, I'd be one very happy camper.

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My department handles the problem in this way:

Our writing process involves at least two reviews: an internal review that goes
to an editor, another writer, a hardware instructor, and an illustrator;
(after rewrite) by a technical review that goes to the SMEs *outside* the dept.

At each review, we strive to have the document as close to absolutely correct as
possible--within deadline constraints. This involves running spell checks,
generating fresh ToCs, etc. And the reviewers within our department have first
crack at catching anything that might distract the technical reviewer from the

(Sometimes we cut corners or add an additional review cycle, depending on the
available and condition of the content itself.)

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