Grammar vs. Content-- a Test of Same

Subject: Grammar vs. Content-- a Test of Same
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:45:27 -0600

I agree with many of the past posters on the problem of having reviews who
cannot see past the grammar to what seems really important. But I stumbled
ont his litte gem, and throught I would post it to see how _you_ as imaginery
reviews feel about this little bit of technical prose. Is it grammar, or

[source kept secret out of respect for the author who probably is or ought to
be ashamed. The subject is fibre structure.]

During recent years, more attention has been given to the mechanical
properties of the individual fibers, such as tensile strength, bonding
strength in shear, fiber flexibility and collapse, and the effect on these
properties of chemical and mechanical treatments.
Investigations of fiber tensile strength and bond strength were
stimulated by observations, contrary to the previous concept of fiber behavior
during sheet rupture, that fiber breakage was as prevalent as bond breakage in
certain types of well bonded paper. When a well bonded, closely-packed sheet
is ruptured in tension, fibers lying across the rupture line are broken.
However, if a poorly bonded sheet is stressed in tension, it will be found
that if fiber strength is adequate, bond breakage is responsible for sheet
failure. It is obvious therefore that fiber strength in a well bonded sheet is
important to paper strength.

OK, ready, set edit!
Diana Patterson
DPatterson -at- MtRoyal -dot- AB -dot- CA

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