The books Paul Strandlund was referring to

Subject: The books Paul Strandlund was referring to
From: Patrick O'Connell <patricko -at- EICON -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 18:04:00 PST

They are Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion, both by Dan Simmons.

I don't remember the Cyberpunks that Paul described existing in the Hyperion
books -- I think he may be blending his references a little bit here. I do
know that in Mona Lisa Overdrive & Neuromancer, two parts of a trio by
Canadian author William Gibson, having a neural shunt on the back of your
neck, to plug into your cyberdeck and thence connect directly to the Net, is
an accepted fact of life.

The name for these people was cyberjocks, I think -- or something that had
to do with cowboys -- argh! What I think Paul's referring to in
re:cyberpunks is the name of the genre most people feel Gibson spawned when
he wrote the books in question. He's also widely credited with inventing the
term "cyberspace."

What *does* exist in the Hyperion books is a motherflocking big hyperspace
data channel: the fatline. If you wanna know more, read the books!

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