Re: Re[2]: Making it readable from the start

Subject: Re: Re[2]: Making it readable from the start
From: Rosemarie R Gaglione <rgaglion -at- FLUTE -dot- AIX -dot- CALPOLY -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 12:07:00 -0800

Who said that content is not important??? I certainly did not. Read my
message again for content.

On Wed, 8 Feb 1995 PUTMV -at- mail -dot- syntron -dot- com wrote:

> Hey Rosemarie, and all others who fail to acknowledge the folly of
> *developers*, of any heritage, of any education, for any reason, who
> edit sentences when they have been asked to review for technical
> content. That's what Glen, myself, and many others have been trying
> to communicate. This issue is absolutely central to our profession.

> Your sensitivities are misplaced. Or, your ESL has failed you if you
> did not comprehend the context of Glen's clear reference to who was
> editing the sentences. If you are one of the grammar experts who feel
> that content is not the primary objective, then just edit for English
> and nothing else. To say it in another way: If your job is to edit
> the English content given to you, then you are not the developer, and
> you should not edit the technical content. Likewise, the developer
> needs to leave the grammar to you and review for content only. Clear?

> Flame-Out, no apologies owed.

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> Subject: Re: Making it readable from the start
> Author: Rosemarie R Gaglione <rgaglion -at- FLUTE -dot- AIX -dot- CALPOLY -dot- EDU> at
> Date: 2/7/95 3:14 PM

> There are plenty of people whose first language is English who should not be
> editing anything! The real issue is not about ESL, but whether or not a
> particular individual is qualified to do editing work.

> I think that Glen owes some very talented folks an apology.

> Rosemarie Gaglione

> On Fri, 27 Jan 1995, A. LiLia Santana wrote:

> > Glen Accardo wrote the following lines:
> >
> > > Have you ever noticed that someone who is not a native speaker of English
> > > just doesn't do a very good job of editing sentences? I have. Often.
> > > It is a waste of their time and mine if developers spend time chasing
> > > grammar errors. They have a tendency to not be very good at it. Tech
> > > writers tend to be better at it.
> >
> > So, Glen, are you suggesting that people whose first langauge is not English
> > should stay away from editing sentences? Although I have a B.A. in
> > English and am currently enrolled in the English M.A. Program and
> > Technical Communication Program, should I stay away from editing simply
> > because my native language is Spanish?
> >
> >
> > A. Lilia Santana "When you read a classic, you do
> > English Department not see more in the book than
> > California Polytechnic State University you did before; you see more in
> > San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 you than was there before."
> >
> > lsantana -at- oboe -dot- aix -dot- calpoly -dot- edu --Clifton Fadiman
> >
> >

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