Re: equipment standard

Subject: Re: equipment standard
From: Kat Nagel <KatNagel -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 15:21:26 -0500

I'm beginning to lose track of who said what...

Person 1 said:
>> So when you push for that upgrade, why not push for a Mac? I think you'll
>> be glad you did.

Person 2 replied:

>Unless you need to use screen shots of a Windows or OS/2 product
>in your docs. Then, having to port the graphics over to the MAC
>is a real liability. I never found a good way to do it (and I'm
>glad I don't have that problem here!).

Now, a word from Person 3 (aka Kat Nagel):

I just finished a long project involving manymany DOS screen captures in Mac
FrameMaker documents.

If (1) you only have a few screens to worry about (say <30),
and (2) your screen capture utility gives you files in one of the
standard multi-platform graphics formats (TIFF, EPS, etc.)
AND (3) you are importing the screen images directly into your document
without editing in a graphics pkg
then transferring them from a PC to a System 7 Mac is fast and easy.

You copy the graphics files to floppy disks on the PC, then pop the floppies
into the Mac. You can drag DOS files onto a Mac hard drive, then import them
into your Frame document. No extra file translation or filters needed.

* If you have _lots_ of screen files to transfer, you would be better off
networking the two beasts, or transferring the files by modem. Sneakernet is
a pain if it involves more than a few disks.

* If your screen capture utility uses a proprietary format, you will need to
convert each file to one of the standard graphics file formats that your doc
s/w recognizes.

* If you need to edit the files in PhotoShop or Illustrator, the problem
gets more complicated (but _not_ impossible).

BTW, this project was the first _extended_ chunk of time I've had to deal
with DOS since I converted to Macs in 1986. It was kinda fun. I'd almost
forgotten how much I enjoy troubleshooting computer problems <grin>.

@kat katnagel -at- aol -dot- com
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LIFE 2: PlaynSong, et al. (vocal chamber music)
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