Re[2]: equipment standard?

Subject: Re[2]: equipment standard?
From: Valerie Archambeau <varchamb -at- MIDWAY -dot- UCHICAGO -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 10:49:24 -0600

At 6:04 PM 2/07/1995, Brian Boisvert wrote:

> >
> >How about a Power Mac 6100/66 with DOS compatibility? We're
> >currently testing one here. Wow!
> >
> >-Val

> How are those machines anyway, as far as performance and price goes?
> I haven't read much about them, but I would think that they would
> really catch on if they were both powerful and reasonably priced . . .

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The 6100 DOS compatible is a very cool machine. You can switch between
operating systems by pressing cmd-<return>. Processes running on one OS
continue to run in the background.

The machine also allows you to designate shared folders for easy file
sharing plus you can cut and paste from one OS to the other. The Mac runs
at 66 megahertz and I believe the 486 runs at 60.

It is a *nice* machine. However it is a bit disturbing to see the Windoze
screen saver running on a Mac.

Our campus computer store advertises the 6100 with 16 RAM and a 500MB
hard-disk for about $2,500. This is University pricing--I don't know how
much it is selling for elsewhere.



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