Re: Grammar vs Content

Subject: Re: Grammar vs Content
From: Mean Green Dancing Machine <aahz -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 13:28:51 GMT

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>I think the reason reviewers mark the grammar, spelling, and format is
>because they see it. Perhaps they can do it quickly. To really get down
>and do some hard thinking about whether the topic is covered correctly and
>completely may require energy and time they're not willing to spend.

Let me expand on that:

Now that I'm back to doing support, I need to review at 50+ pages/hour,
both because of the amount of time I have to spare, and because the
writers rarely give me a copy to review more than a week before they
need to go to the printers.

When I have to go that quickly, even though I can read 800wpm, I'm
*still* skimming. I'm literally in error-catching mode, and yes, the
grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors are the most obvious.

Even then, at least half of my red ink is related to technical content.
Plus, every error I catch I have to think about what to say to the
writer, and that cuts down on the time I have for the rest.
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