technical Writing Skills

Subject: technical Writing Skills
From: JEROME YUZYK <jerome -dot- yuzyk -at- FREDDY -dot- SUPERNET -dot- AB -dot- CA>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 1995 22:58:00 -700

GM> Judging by the advertisements for technical writers - contractors and
GM> permanents - the principal skill sought is technical expertise or
GM> knowledge (often of some programming language or operating system).
GM> Writing skills appear to take the back seat. In view of the fact that it
GM> can take a moderately intelligent person weeks to master a new system,

Sorry, you lost me here. This statement shows an equivalent ignorance
of the people with whom you deal and their domain(s) of expertise.
No flame: I'm guessing you're a little frustrated.

GM> but years to master clarity and precision in writing, this ranking of
GM> skills seems, on the face of it, a trifle perverse. What do technical
GM> writers think about this? If you were the client (not the 'server'),
GM> would you prefer a technical whizz who could also write well, or a

Given that the whiz makes most of the product I'm buying, well...

GM> good writer who was also cluey in the technical realm? (Don't cheat and
GM> say both: you are asked, here, to RANK the two skills: writing expertise
GM> versus technical expertise.)

I don't buy docs, I buy software.

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