Re: So what do you do with SOCIAL sciences?

Subject: Re: So what do you do with SOCIAL sciences?
From: Jan Boomsliter <boom -at- CADENCE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 13:51:54 -0800

You know the most important thing of all: how people learn.

Nobody seems to pay any attention to this, but it is how we decide what
to present, how to present it, what medium, what look and feel - so
much more. Few of us have the qualifications, even though it is, or
should be, the very first thing we study.

I studied biology and education (I think the latter is a social science), and
taught elementary school for a short while. In one of my education courses, I
learned how to print the alphabet with textbook neatness so that I could write
clearly on the blackboard. Since then, I often write my editorial comments in
the same neat letters on the papers I mark up. Compositors have complimented me
more than once on the clarity of my markups. In addition, figuring out how to
present material to children in the classroom resembles writing instructions
adults: both require step-by-step logic, clarity, and an understanding of the

Jay Cherniak, chernjc1 -at- jhuaple -dot- edu
Subject: So what do you do with SOCIAL sciences?
From: TOTHGL -at- CNSVAX -dot- UWEC -dot- EDU at .APL.and.BEYOND.
Date: 2/10/95 1:07 PM

Hello, hello-

Gregg Roberts just asked me how I will be using my background in Psychology
with Technical Writing. I figured that once I get out into the "real world" it
wouldn't do much for me, except that I could say "well I wrote stuff" and "I
did a two-factor ANOVA one time."

Is there anyone who has had a background in the SOCIAL sciences who would share
how they have used that background or share how that background may actually be
sought by an employer?

Gretchen L. Toth
University of WI- Eau Claire
Psychology/Technical Writing
tothgl -at- uwec -dot- edu

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